The Best New Banknote award was made to the Bank of Thailand for the new 1,000 baht, which was issued on His Majesty the King of Thailand’s birthday, 28 July 2018. The front depicts His Majesty in the Royal Thai Air Force uniform, as do the other notes in the new series. The reverse side of each denomination depicts the portraits of two Kings in order of reign, along with the images of their memorable royal duties. The new 1,000 baht, along with the new 500 baht note issued on the same day, complete the new series which has been introduced following the death of the king’s father in 2016.

The 1,000 baht is the highest denomination in the series and is regarded as the most innovative and secure. It features a Galaxy thread from Louisenthal, with a dynamic ‘Saturn’ moving effect and green-to-gold colour shift. To the right of the portrait of the King is a SPARK Live ‘Trupsin’ feature from SICPA, synchronised in its dynamic ring movement and colour shift to the Galaxy thread.