The new Oman e-passport was launched in January 2015 and replaces the country’s machine-readable passports with a document that is fully compliant with the latest ICAO standards and globally interoperable. The new document also incorporates a microchip containing the holder’s information including biometric identity, a digital image and electronic signature.

The passports contain several advanced security elements with each of three different types of passport (ordinary, royal diplomacy and laissez-passer) featuring a different holographic laminate. The award judges commended the designers on the fine-tuned and eye-catching high security foils, with designs that include the national emblem of the Sultanate of Oman, the Muscat Royal Palace and a traditional rosacea.

Among the security features integrated into the new documents are holographic and non-holographic animated features, including micro-diffractive elements inserted in the holographic design, chemical securities such as UV and OVI security inks and the use of Alphagram™ and Movigram® animations. A circular animation of the guilloche covers the bearer’s picture.

The design and implementation of the holographic and other security features was provided by Hologram Industries. Gemalto were responsible for the supply of the new e-passport with HJP Consulting providing consultancy services.

The award was made to Hugues Souparis, Managing Director of Hologram Industries.