The introduction of the circular economy concept into the production of banknotes has become part of the strategic planning of Casa da Moeda do Brasil, with sustainability being one of the pillars of our developments related to security printing. 

In partnership with BP Security and Equipa Group, Casa da Moeda do Brasil has been creating alternatives to a global problem, which is the disposal of banknote waste. 

Through this collaborative model, it has been possible to develop security and commercial papers, as well as furniture, using this type of waste as raw material. The new products generated maintain the quality, resistance, and durability standards applied in their respective industries. That’s why this initiative has been named TRAN$FORM, as we aim to transform what would be discarded into something valuable. 

By applying the circular economy concept and investing in strategic partnerships, the Casa da Moeda do Brasil redefines the concept of waste and present TRAN$FORM as an alternative model that can be replicated by central banks and other printing facilities.