In this presentation I will explain the cooperation in procurement and production of new banknotes within the eurozone and in which way sustainability is included in the current tenders.
DNB is a tendering NCB and acts as the lead NCB for a tendering consortium of eight other NCBs. DNB is striving for more attention for bio diversity and sustainability in all DNB’s procurement. DNB also includes sustainability in the procurement of Euro banknotes. We can’t change our product requirements, but we can change the production into a more sustainable process.
The use of 100% sustainable cotton in euro banknotes is an important achievement which has been gradually included in our tender. Now it will be mandatory for all euro banknotes. We implemented other triggers in our tender, such as the use of green energy and the calculation of a carbon footprint.
There is still a lot of work to do to make better criteria for our tender and have better triggers for printing works and papermills to change production of banknotes in a more sustainable way. DNB is collecting ideas to make production of euro banknotes more sustainable that can be included in our future tenders.